Electric Vehicle Charging Points

OLEV Authorised Installer

Grants  of up to £350 per socket*

Futureproof and Benefit Now

As the use of electric vehicles is increasing and your customers, employees or your own fleet move over to electric vehicles, you need to be ready, so  it makes sense to install workplace charging points now, whilst the WCS grant of up to £350 per socket* is available.

Installing charging points is also a visible and tangible way to support your CSR, environmental and sustainability policies and help reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Why Us?

As an  authorised installer of Rolec and Easee workplace charging points, we can guide you every step of the way from identifying grant eligible Rolec charging points that meet your needs, through to installation and applying for a Workplace Charging Scheme grant.

For more information, call us on 01628 822 444 or complete the enquiry form.

Sovereign Electrical Services Ltd ROLEC Installer Certificate

Sovereign Electrical Services Ltd EASEE Installer Certificate

* Up to 40 sockets. Subject to Workplace Charging Scheme Terms & Conditions

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